About FirstLine 

Legal Name: FirstLine Corporation Pty. Ltd. 

Established: February 1999

FirstLine is an Ecommerce Manager.

We manage Amazon accounts on behalf of business and brands to increase their brand recognition, bring in new customers and sell more.

Our service covers everything needed for a successful product launch, and ongoing sales growth, including:

  • Amazon seller central account set-up and administration;
  • Optimize the product listing to beat competitors on Amazon;
  • Optimize the product detail page for maximum sales conversion;
  • Product launch to boost sales and improve organic traffic;
  • Use social media and google to drive external traffic to improve sales rank on Amazon;
  • Encourage happy customers to give feedback and write reviews;

Engaging FirstLine for selling your products on Amazon will enable you to substantially expand your business and increase sales without the worry about inventory space, or manpower.

With FirstLine you don't pay a penny upfront. 

We’re so confident that we’ll make your product an Amazon success, we don’t charge any upfront fees. 

We only receive a small percentage of the sales we make for you, that’s it!